Tunisia Visa Procedure

Please note that citizens of the following countries DO NOT NEED a visa to enter Tunisia and may stay up to 90 days.


Algeria Croatia Iceland Niger Sweden
Andorra Commonwealth of Dominica Italy Norway The Sultanate of Oman
Antigua Denmark Japan the Netherlands Switzerland
Argentina Fiji The Republic of Kiribati Netherlands Antilles South Korea
Austria Finland Libya Poland Spain
Bahrain France Lichtenstein Portugal Turkey
Barbados Gambia Luxembourg Qatar United Arab Emirates
Belgium Greece Malaysia Romania United States of America
Bermuda Guinea the Maldives Saint Kitts and Nevis United Kingdom
Bosnia and Herzegovina Germany Mali Saint Lucie
Brazil Honduras Morocco Salmon Island
Brunei Hong Kong Mauritius Senegal
Bulgaria Hungary Mauritania Serbia
Canada Ivory Coast Monaco The Republic of Seychelles
Chili Ireland Montenegro Slovenia

Citizens from countries not listed above DO NEED a visa.

Tunisia Visa Requirements

  • Visa Application Form duly filled and signed
  • Valid Passport ( at least 6 months Valid).
  • A Copy of the Passport First Page.
  • One Recent Photo.
  • A copy of Permanent Resident Card or Proof of legal Status in the USA.
  • Hotel Reservation or notarized Letter of Invitation from you host in Tunisia.
  • Visa Fees (Money Order only).
  • Prepaid Express Mail return envelope.

Application will require The Minister of Interior’s approval

How to Apply for a Tunisia Visa?

Currently, the only way you can apply for a Tunisian visa is through a Tunisian consulate or embassy. The application process for a Tunisian visa is as follows:

  1. Find the Tunisian diplomatic mission (consulate or embassy) in your country. If there is not one in your country, you must:
    Contact nearest one such as in a neighboring country
    Apply directly to the Direction Générale de la Sécurité Nationale in Tunis
  2. Visit the Tunisian embassy/consulate’s website to find more information
  3. Contact them to inquire about making an appointment as well as the Tunisia visa requirements. Some diplomatic missions may allow you to make an online appointment.
  4. Submit the required documents along with the application
  5. Wait for the Tunisia visa to be processed

How Long Does it Take to Get a Tunisia Visa?

The processing time for a Tunisian visa depends from country to country, as well as from different consulates and embassies. You can expect to wait anywhere from 5 business days to over 20 business days to obtain a Tunisian visa.

If you have any incorrect or missing documents, the Tunisia visa processing time will increase. If the embassy/consulate has to receive authorization their home office in Tunisia, the processing time, again, will be longer.

As such, make sure you apply for a Tunisia visa about a month before you intend to travel and inquire about the processing time at the time of application submission.

Tunisia Visa Fees

There is not a standard set of fees for a Tunisia visa. The visa changes from country to country as does the method of payment. Some embassies may request a bank transfer only, while others also accept cash.

To learn the adequate Tunisia visa fee for your country of residence you must contact the consulate or embassy in which you are applying.

For further informations you can visit the Embassy of the Tunisian Republic website


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